Friday, July 18, 2008

My Impending Radio Fame

While I'd much rather be famous for winning the World Series of Poker Main Event, I'm going to have to settle for being a radio Game Show contestant. In Spring of 2007, I was a five day champion on the Mark and Brian trivia contest on LA-based KLOS-FM (95.5). Basically, it's a best of 10 trivia contest where you yell your name if you know the answer. I pretty much brutalized my opponents; anyone who knows me is aware that I'm good at two things, and one of them is rapid access to the vast amount of useless knowledge stored in my head. Well, useless unless you're decimating people at SceneIt or winning a few thousand bucks on Jeopardy!. One of the benefits of being an undefeated 5 day champion of the game is that they do a Tournament of Champions once they've got 16 of them. The prizes I received for my run were Disney DVDs, some CDs I already owned, and a visit to the Mark and Brian show that I've yet to cash. However, they actually give you a pretty good prize for winning the TOC. The last two prizes were a Toyota Yaris and a 52" widescreen TV. Knowing my luck, it'll be a cruise to Mexico or something completely uninteresting. Considering my prizes on Jeopardy! and Win Ben Stein's Money were a DCC Player and professional hair care products, this is even more likely.

Anyway, after a long stretch, they've finally scheduled the TOC to start this coming Monday, July 21st at 8:30AM. I'm actually playing on the first game, so if you want to hear my voice, tune in to the show. I'm a competitive freak, so I'll give it my best regardless if the prize is a BRAND NEW CAR or a George Foremean Lean Mean Grilling Machine. Here's the link to the website, if you don't live in LA, Portland or one of the other areas where they syndicate Mark and Brian's show. Just click on the Listen Live button, and remember, it's 8:30AM Pacific Time.

If I win Monday's game, then I have to beat three other people to win the whole thing. Even though I've been a winner on a much bigger show than this, I'm very amped to win it (especially considering they're getting rid of the game after this, making it the final TOC ever). Wish me luck, kids!

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