Friday, August 1, 2008

Separated At Birth, Poker Edition

I sort of have a poker blog, but only in the way that people who've abandoned their about to be foreclosed mansion still have a home. I really just have a hard time saying anything interesting about poker that Dr. Pauly doesn't say better, which made finding a genuine voice too difficult. Also, I took a break from the game to find some balance, which I finally did. I still play poker, actually quite a bit these days. I took 131st out of 4191 in the $3 MTT rebuy on Pokerstars the other night - so close, so far away. The guy who crippled me ended up in the final 4 - congrats to him and boo for me! Regadless, I finally posted something new to the poker blog, but in case you're not one of the 3 annual visitors I've had there in the last three years, I figured I'd post it here for my other 296 annual visitors, most of whom are here to read about the South African Lottery or to find an e-mail address to call me an asshole for what I said in the Lakers Blog comments.

Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone's ever noticed this, but Minnesota Twins 1st Baseman Justin Morneau and annoyingly good at everything and good looking poker pro Eric Lindgren must secretly be brothers. They look more alike than Dack & Dirk Rambo did. They're like the Olsen Twins of the Guys Who Are Better Than Me At The Things I Love. Check it out:

"Morneau (seated next to Tully's Current Tall Inaccessible Blonde Dream Girl Erin Andrews)"



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You're gay and insecure about your small little pecker.

Tully said...

I hate it when anonymous internet commenters know so much about me - I thought I told that guy at the bathhouse to be discreet!

Gary said...

ok, you're gay and insecure about your tiny weenie! because I know! I showered with you!!! umm, does that sound gay? and it wasn't in the bathhouse! then again I do love your lil chessy moustache that SSG Ochoa was so jealous of....