Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emily Litella Lives

This still makes me laugh a year later. I love bad writing (being guilty of plenty myself). Originally posted 6/27/06:

The late great Emily Litella has returned from the grave, resurfacing in the Yahoo News copy editing department. Here's a quote from an article regarding Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood that has her fingerprints all over it:

"The MRI in Dr. Kremchek's terms, stated it was pristine, that the labia repair looked as if it was completely intact, looked like it had healed nicely and perfectly. He said his rotator cuff looks pristine, the joint looks good. So there is no significant concerns of any kind of significant issue or injury or anything like that," trainer Mark O'Neal said.

That's labrum, Emily.

Oh, that's very different; Never Mind!

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