Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starting Fresh

If the third time really is the charm, then this blog is going to work out smashingly. My poker blog ran out of gas, because I couldn't find a voice or anything unique about my take on poker to make it interesting enough to write about (much less to get people to read it). My MySpace blog has languished, because MySpace annoys me on a lot of levels and just logging in to the site became a chore. So, now we have Blog #3, in which I will try to let my eclectic nature drag me wherever it feels like; hopefully, I'll attract a few readers after I write some good stuff (or put a bunch of tags with names like 'pic, linday lohan's punani, Britney puking video'). First, I'm going to cross-post some old stuff from the MySpace blog, since I changed my profile to private after getting way too much junk mail. Then, we'll see where this goes from there!

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