Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Have No Taste In Music

In light of recent events, this is even more pathetic. Originally posted on 10/12/06:

I own a lot of CDs; no, really - a lot!. While I have my share of guilty pleasures, I've always prided myself on my taste in music. But no longer! I am nothing but a philistine, a poser, a complete musical imbecile. Why do you ask?

I was at a bar recently, and this song came on the jukebox; it was definitely pop, but it had a decent hook, kind of an island-ish vibe, and the singer had a pleasant enough voice. This young girl sitting next to me seemed knowledgeable about modern pop, so I asked her if she knew who sang the tune. She responded, "Yeah, that's the new song by Paris Hilton! Isn't it awesome"

Need I say more?

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